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Our Professional Services & Specializations

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Sound Rentals

IGG Live offers sound rental services specifically designed for the EDM market, featuring high-quality complete speaker systems. These systems are capable of producing powerful and precise sound, making them ideal for large-scale events and concerts.

In addition to their speaker systems, IGG Live also provides a range of lighting and audio equipment to create a complete sensory experience for EDM enthusiasts. Whether you're organizing a festival, concert, or private event, IGG Live's sound rental services can expand the sensory capability of any space.

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Video Production

IGG Live specializes in video editing services for the EDM market, utilizing high-quality camera gear and professional video editing software.

They use state-of-the-art editing software that allows us to create tailored content specifically to the EDM industry and aim to showcase the energy and excitement of live performances.

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Our Philosopy
Live Life Līve

To Live Life Līve is to strive to connect as intently and profoundly as our capacities allow with the present moment in which we live; to generate and command as much mindful attention as one is able to muster, and by doing so, richly engage with the conscious experience of the Here & Now; to live one’s life pursuing mastery in a perpetual live performance for the audience that is the whole of consciousness.